At our fully digitally equipped clinic, we treat dental and jaw malocclusions in children, adolescents and adults. Our assistant dentists under the supervision of the head doctors and the senior doctors always carry out the treatment. In the first session, a simple orthodontic examination will carried out with an assessment of the need for treatment, the treatment options and the timing of treatment. In a second session, the documents, which are necessary for detailed treatment planning (photos, jaw models, X-rays), are prepared. The therapy plan developed based on these documents will then discussed in detail in a third session.

Treatment spectrum

As a university clinic, we offer the entire treatment spectrum of orthodontics. This concern removable and fixed appliances (plate braces). If an invisible treatment are desired, can this be done with lingual braces, where the plates are glued to the inside of the teeth, or under certain circumstances with removable transparent plastic splints.
The duration of treatment depends on the malposition and ranges from a few months to one or two years, in some cases even longer.

In a cooperation with the Insel hospital, we offer:

  • Special consultation hours for patients with cleft lip and palate
  • Special consultation hours for patients with temporomandibular joint arthritis
  • Correction of jaw misalignments where surgery is necessary.

As a further service, we produce snoring splints / sleep splints against sleep apnoea.